KPIs allow you to evaluate the performance of your logistics, warehouse or carriers in a comprehensive overview, making it easy for strategic long term decisions.

  • GoRamp Analytics Module lets you identify your preferred KPIs easily & anytime.

  • Create reports based on your preferred criteria.



  • Quick access to the history of actual transport purchases.

    Complete purchase tracking for each order, allowing you to analyze price fluctuations and choose the right order allocation strategy for different periods.

  • Indicators of order confirmation of transport partners, arrival on time at loading and unloading locations.

    Comparison of individual transport partners providing added value in negotiating the quality of service provided and the conditions for future cooperation.

  • Warehouse load indicators.

    Actual data on the average loading time of individual ramp of each warehouse during business hours. Better planning of human resources and ramp employment.


“I am very pleased that we have launched GoRamp solution for our company. Already in the first weeks we managed to notice the result – working time saved and convenient traceability with all the necessary information in one place. And most importantly, satisfied employees, whose work day has certainly become easier and simpler – it is extremely important to me as a company manager. ”

Olegas Volkovas, CEO, BRIKERS LT

“We have been using the GoRamp system for over a year and it is hard to imagine a return to old working principles. We save 50 percent of our working time in the first months of work!

With this solution, we expanded our carrier contact range, which we would not have managed before due to limited time resources, which undoubtedly resulted in cost savings. The system is very simple and clear! We hope to continue our successful cooperation ”

Aliona Korol-Klevecke, Logistics Manager, BAUROC

“We are delighted to have become a GoRamp platform customer. As soon as we started using the public market function, we noticed drastic freight cost savings. We save time both in collecting information about prices and handling operation information during transportation, which positively affects the efficiency and promptness of our workflow. ”

Tatjana Černyš, Logistics and Supply Manager, ELME METALL

“We started using GoRamp as transportation service provider thanks to one of our manufacturing customers. We are excited to be able to provide a better quality service to our customers and build a stronger partnership. GoRamp fully covers all the communication you need with your customer – so we and our customers can work more efficiently and quickly. We recommend this solution to both manufacturing companies and their transportation partners.”

Vaidotas Laurutis, Head of Logistics department, Rivatra


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