GoRamp Logistics Management

The Corona virus has recently faced significant additional challenges for manufacturing and retail companies. Employees have moved further away from warehouse and manufacturing staff because of working from home, which forced longer exchange of information process within supply chain related people. The constant movement of goods raised a new challenge – how to manage large amounts of information quickly, operationally and the most important, remotely? At this time, it is extremely important not only to optimize information exchange within the company, but also with suppliers, carriers and customers. Moreover, structured and timely information is very important in such a stressful situation, as it may take longer than usual to manage logistics related information.

To help meet today’s business challenges, GoRamp has decided to provide free access to logistics management tools until this June. We urge manufacturers and retailers not to miss the opportunity to manage their current situation more indicatively and safely than usual.

Currently, the startup offers its customers two products, which have already been recognized in European countries:

Freight Order Management

The Goramp Transport Order Management Tool allows manufacturing and trading companies to centrally manage all the information flow from the transport quote requests for carriers until the invoice management after unloading.

As information changes in real-time and is immediately available to all users in the logistics chain, it helps to keep up with information and speeds up communication between users.

Time Slot Management System

The second product developed by the start-up is the warehouse time slot management tool, which creates a virtual warehouse between responsible ones for loading / unloading (logistics manager, manufacturing staff, warehouse staff, carriers, suppliers, customers & others).

With its help, transportation partners via simple interactive access can book the most suitable arrival times in advance according to the requirements and working principles of the manufacturer.

Anyone wishing to digitize and centrally manage transport management is welcome to leave their contact information in the form below. It is important to mention that these are cloud-based interactive tools, so all configuration and on-boarding process are done on the same day without any physical meetings or training. Logistics partners are not burdened with additional registrations, but at the same time ensuring all necessary information security.

GoRamp urges traders and manufacturers to look at this period as a medium of opportunities. With a little focus on digitization companies can not only avoid the negative effects of today’s issues but also gain a competitive edge over others.

Register today and discover how easy it is to leverage enterprise supply chain technology for your company.