In today‘s fast moving digital world, companies pay attention to both, value proposition and performance, when choosing applications for their businesses. However, users become notoriously furious if they encounter with low-performing web applications. For example, Auto Anything cut their load time by half and saw their revenue climb 13 percent. Meanwhile, Amazon reported that they experienced one percent drop in revenue for every 100 milliseconds drop in site speed. In short, you can’t negotiate when it comes to your app performance. Read on to find how GoRamp has improved using both, user interface and back-end, experiences. Firstly, we have managed to shorten time from the moment of login to the moment you can see a list of all your orders twice. To make it even more effective you can now navigate using pages to faster find what you need.

Secondly, we have made filtering experience more intuitive. Manage your saved filters or create new ones – everything in one place and easy to control.

Last but not least, for those who are managing hundreds of active orders at a time we have implemented smart sorting to decide if you want orders with the newest information to always come on top!