Roles and permissions management on GoRamp

Users roles and permissions management is one of the key tasks for the software in corporate environment. Flexible and customizable permissions allow you to maintain the perfect balance of collaboration and control within your team that assures that your company’s data is secure and protected.

GoRamp’s users vary in responsibilities within the organizations they work for. From persons responsible for dock scheduling, to ones looking for the transport companies in our wide network of partners – everyone focuses to the area of their unique responsibilities and daily goals. In order to make distributing tasks easier, we have created a complex multilayer USERS MANAGEMENT solution.

Managing Permissions

The super user or admin user of the account have the ability to manage permissions within the organization and control the access to the system. This includes creating, customizing and deleting roles, assigning roles for specific users or sharing the admin rights with your colleagues.

User roles and permissions management


System accessibility by owner of the information

The updated GoRamp user roles and permissions managament feature will have four standard access types of permissions to choose from:

1. “Create new information” will allow creating new orders and/or reservations;

2. “Full access” users will be able to read and edit all orders and/or reservations;

3. “Limited” will provide permissions to read and edit orders and/or reservations created by the same user;

4. “Read-only” will mean that editing of order and/or reservations is disabled, while reading of the information is not.


Warehouse assignation for Timeslots users

Control the access level even more by selecting the warehouse/s your users are associated with. This means that you will finally be able to prevent users from viewing data from other locations they have no involvement with.

Permissions and User management