How to increase the efficiency of your Logistics Manager?

How to increase the efficiency of your Logistics Manager?

It’s no secret that mismanaged transport order information can turn into an expensive mistake. It is difficult to avoid something like that, if transferring of transport orders (from the customer chosen system to the carrier’s internal tools for planning & administration) is handled manually.

Working with information that is spread out throughout various different systems, poses a risk for order data coming in wrong or late. But having everyone in the staff be able to handle every single tool the customers use to communicate with their carrier would require a lot of additional resources.

The DSV Lithuania team has encountered similar problems about a year ago. Transferring transport order information manually started taking too long. So they started to look for a way to solve this and chose to go with GoRamp‘s solution. Here’s what they have to say about their experience now:


“Delays in ordering information can be costly.
The ability to automate this process and know
everything in real time has greatly facilitated our
work day and raised the quality of the results.”

DSV Lithuania team, using GoRamp since 2020


GoRamp TMS

This possibility to automate information transferring can help the carrier avoid errors and know everything that is relevant in real time. GoRamp‘s Transport Management System (TMS) provides the ability to transfer all of the necessary information automatically, using a simple transport order interface. Here are some ways this approach can solve carrier problems:



× It takes too long to move transport orders from systems used by customers to internal administration tools.

× Transport order information and its updates reach the carrier too late.

× Vehicle related information does not reach customers on time.




Automatic transfer of transport orders will eliminate manual work.

Each member of the team will be notified of any changes
to the order in real time.

When a vehicle is assigned or changed, the customer will be notified immediately and will be able to prepare.


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