1. Closed joint-stock company „GoRampa“, legal entity code 304436133 (hereinafter referred to as „the Company“), has been registered in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania and complies with the current regulations of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union that regulates the processing of personal data.
    2. This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as „the Privacy policy“) is intended for individuals (both physical and legal) who use the Company‘s online platform goramp.eu (hereinafter referred to as „the System“) and the services it provides to inform people about what information the Company collects and how it is used.
    3. The Privacy policy defines the goals and procedures for processing and collecting personal data, the amount of the personal data collected, etc. The personal data collected by the Company are processed in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts.
    4. Services provided by the system include the conclusion of contracts for the sale of cargoes, payment for the reading (use) of published information, the provision and receipt of any information and / or data, as well as all other services (hereinafter referred to as „the Services“), provided by the Company.
    5. A person receiving or using the Services provided by the System, unconditionally agrees with this Privacy Policy. If a person does not agree with the Privacy Policy and with the procedure established by it, he does not have the right to use this System and the Services it provides.
    6. The Company reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time, and such changes come into force from the moment of their publication on the System website goramp.eu. For individuals, it is highly recommended to always read the latest version of the Privacy Policy.
    7. The privacy policy is available at any time on goramp.eu. Users are always informed of any future changes and / or additions to the Privacy Policy. Users are always informed when publishing the new version of the Privacy Policy on goramp.eu, as well as by providing a technical opportunity for users to read and accept the latest version of the Privacy Policy when they connect to goramp.eu for the first time.

    1. Client – a company that submits its offers to the carrier in the System and organizes freight transportation.
    2. Carrier – a company that accepts the client’s offers in the system and carries out the transportation of cargoes outside the system.
    3. Users – all persons registered in the System who, in accordance with the rules of the System, make proposals, arrange freight transportation, accept offers and implement them. Consumers registered in the System as customers share their information only with those carriers that were invited to register in the System in electronic form. Consumers registered in the System as carriers can see only the information received from those customers who sent them electronic invitations to register in the System.
    4. Inquiries - information about the cargoes from shipper that is intended for the carrier. There are two types of inquiries:
      1. Closed - spot tenders are seen only by carriers or groups of carriers selected and confirmed by the customer.
      2. Public - It's a public market. Spot tenders are seen by all carriers registered in the system
    5. Contracted offers – information about the client’s offer (product), which is intended and visible only to a certain carrier. The carrier accepts or rejects the offer submitted by the client.
    6. Active orders – the system contains information about the freight carried out at present, when the carrier accepted the client's offers and agreed to fulfill them.

    1. The system provides the client and the carrier with a virtual space in which they can simultaneously communicate with each other, exchange necessary information (data), discuss all necessary conditions for the transportation of cargoes and monitor electronic orders. The Company does not intervene in the communication between the client and the carrier within the System, and is not responsible for the deals made by the Client and the Carrier in the System, the information (data) provided by them and (or) losses occurred for this reason.
    2. The company does not represent the interests of the client or the carrier, and only provides the possibility for the Users to use the Services in the System.
    3. The Company guarantees that the data submitted by the user will be processed only in order to properly provide the Services in the System for the Users.
    4. The Company may reveal data or information provided by the Users when such disclosure is required in accordance with current legislation or competent authorities. The Company may also reveal the information or data of the User only if it is not prohibited by regulatory legal acts and only with an objective justification in a particular case. The Company undertakes not to reveal the User's data to third parties, except for the following cases:
      1. if the User agrees to reveal personal information;
      2. to the law enforcement authorities according to the order set forth in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;
      3. if it is necessary to prevent criminal acts or investigate them.
    5. In order to guarantee the smooth Users‘ usage of the System Services, the Company refuses to publish any kind of advertisements in the System.
    6. The Company is not responsible for the quality of services or the accuracy of data provided by the Carriers or the Clients.
    7. In case of necessity and upon the User’s request, the Company can restore the data lost in the System.
    8. The Company reserves the right to temporarily block or permanently delete those user accounts that do not comply with the terms of payment and other Terms of Use of the System. In case of temporarily blocking or completely deleting the User’s account, the User's administrator shall be informed about this by e-mail (specified at the time of registration).
    9. The Administration of the Company has the right to monitor and verify the user's information (data) provided in the System. The purpose of checking this information (data) is as follows:
      1. in order to improve the performance of the System, the Company undertakes to always take into account the comments made by the User and his individual needs related to the process of the System operation;
      2. in order to publish the statistical information of the System, without revealing specific users and their data placed on the platform.
    10. Only authorized employees of the Company have access to the User’s information (data) stored in the System. The Company undertakes to consult all users regarding the operation of the System, and respond to users' requests (please apply by this email support@goramp.eu regarding these issues).
    11. The Company guarantees that the information submitted by the clients about their cargoes shall be visible only to those carriers who were invited to register in the System by these clients by electronic means.
    12. All disputes emerging between the Client and the Carrier shall be resolved following the rules set forth in the order agreements or in accordance with the procedure established by their national law.



    1. In order to use the Services of the System, Customers and Carriers must register on the website of goramp.eu and, thus, become Consumers. Customers can register in the System without any restrictions. Carriers can register in the System only after receiving an electronic invitation to their email from a client who is already a System User.
    2. At the time of registration, Users must provide only valid and accurate information. Users confirm that the email address specified at the time of registration is always active and belongs only to the employee of the registered company.
    3. Consumers are obliged to inform the Company about some changed data of their company, on behalf of which they are registered, and if possible, users should immediately update the changed data in their system profile.
    4. The Company’s Administration may require the User to provide evidence that the email address, specified at the moment of registration, is owned by the relevant company. If at the moment of registration all the necessary data were not specified or incorrect data were provided, the Company's Administration may cancel or suspend the User's registration in the System.
    5. All users can register in the System free of charge.

    1. In the System, the Client may create inquiries (closed/public) coordinate the price of cargo transportation and monitor the fulfillment of orders.
    2. The Carrier has access only to those customer’s data from which he received an electronic invitation to register in the System. However, if inquire information is in public bids section it is available to all carriers registered in the system.
    3. The Carrier, having received the Client’s public offer (closed / public one), can specify the price for a cargo transportation. By offering the price, the Carrier unconditionally agrees to deliver the cargoes in accordance with the requirements and terms specified by the Client. The offer is considered to be assigned to the Carrier, when the Client confirms it and the offer automatically appears in the System section "Operational Orders".
    4. The Carrier, having received the offer in the System section "Contracted offers", should respond to the client within the specified time, whether he accepts or rejects the cargo assigned to him in accordance with the requirements and terms specified by the Client. The offer is considered to be accepted, if the Carrier chooses the "YES" option and the order is automatically transferred to the "Active Orders" section in the System.
    5. The carrier, having accepted each Client’s proposal, is obliged to provide the System with all necessary information for cargo transportation: tug data, the date and time of loading, unloading, etc., and also change the status of cargo, which can be found in the System section "Active Orders", until the moment of complete delivery of the cargoes.
    6. Information about the executed orders is stored in the System "History" section.
    7. The time for the User to log in the System is unlimited.
    8. If the User wishes to delete his account in the System, he must notify the administration of the Company by email support@goramp.eu at least 14 calendar days before the day the User’s account has to be deleted.

    1. All System Users are required to store only accurate and up-to-date information to ensure the quality of workflow between the System Users.
    2. All Users undertake to keep the information contained in the System as confidential.
    3. All Users may use the information (data) provided by the System only for their intended purpose and in accordance with the Terms of Use of the System.
    4. The user undertakes and must store the password and login, as well as other data indicated when registering on goramp.eu. The User undertakes and should not disclose to third parties any personal data about himself or third parties, if such Personal Information of a third person was available to him. He should promptly inform the Company’s Administration about any apparent violations by email support@goramp.eu.
    5. The User agrees in advance that the Company has the right to store his Personal Data on the server as long as it is necessary in accordance with the peculiarities of the System activities, if the User's data were: 1) used for committing an unlawful act, or 2) it was suspected that an identity theft or other violation had been committed because of which an investigation by the particular law enforcement authorities was or would be conducted, 3 if the Company has received complaints regarding a particular User, or if the Company has noticed violations committed by a particular User, or 4) in case of other lawful aims of keeping the Personal data. This data shall be deleted after receiving the lawful instructions from the law enforcement agencies or other authorized institutions.
    6. The Users are obliged to use the Services of the System without violating the procedure established by the legislation and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

    1. The Client uses the basic functions of the System by paying a monthly subscription fee. The functionality of the system can be expanded and charged according to individual customer needs and preferences.
    2. Once registered, the Carrier must pay EUR 0.99 per assigned order in closed orders section and / or 1.5% shipping charge (not less than EUR 1 and no more than EUR 10) for the assigned order through public orders.
    3. The invoice to the carrier is formed once a month by placing all orders executed by the Carrier within the reporting month. The invoice is sent to the Carrier by email (specified at the time of registration) until the 10th day of the current month. Payment must be made no later than 15 calendar days from the date of sending the invoice.
    4. In case if the Carrier is late to cover the invoice, the Company may charge 0.05% penalty for each delayed day, and also reserves the right to block the Carrier's account in the System. Before blocking the carrier's account, the Carrier will be informed about that not less than 5 calendar days by email (specified at the time of registration).
    5. The Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of payment.

    1. The Company provides Users with the opportunity to use the System 99% during a calendar year. Preventive updates and temporary interruptions (1%) are considered to be an inevitable part of the System's operation.
    2. Users are obliged to inform the Company’s administration about any malfunction by email support@goramp.eu, so that it could be eliminated as soon as possible.
    3. The Company has the right to change common provisions and rules, descriptions of modules and other Terms of Use of the System.
    4. The Company shall inform the Users about any changes in the System by email (specified at the time of registration) for 14 calendar days prior to making changes and / or updating the System. The Users log-in to shall be considered as acceptance of the System changes.
    5. All disputes with the Company shall be resolved by negotiation. If disputes cannot be resolved by peaceful negotiations, they shall be resolved in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Lithuania and only in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania, irrespective of any possible contradictions in the valid laws.