Client: Bauroc, UAB
Type: Manufacturing company(building materials)

About the client:

Bauroc UAB is a member of Bauroc AS, which specializes in the production of aerated concrete. Bauroc is a porous concrete block masonry system that meets the highest building standards. It is an ideal choice for building energy efficient, passive houses. The first unit was manufactured in 2001 at a newly opened factory in Estonia. In its day-to-day operations, Bauroc UAB is guided primarily by the company’s internal policy of prioritizing product quality and environmental protection.

All Bauroc plants are equipped with state-of-the-art aerated concrete production facilities from well-known companies that meet all the highest requirements of the European Union and are certified.

Bauroc products are sold in all Baltic and Scandinavian markets.

Case study:


  • Limited carrier selection
  • Managerial effectiveness problems
  • High transportation costs
GoRamp TMS
GoRamp Bauroc


  • Expanded range of carriers
  • Ability to assign cargos faster and provide necessary details
  • Transportation price improved by 20%
  • 50% decrease in operational work

Main reason for choosing GoRamp solution:
More convenient and operative work for employees

Client feedback:

Aliona Korol-Klevečke, Head of Sales, Bauroc:

“We have been using GoRamp for the second year and it is hard to imagine going back to the old way of working. We have already saved 50% in the first months of work. your working time!

With this solution, we expanded our carrier contact range, which we would not have managed before due to limited time resources, which undoubtedly resulted in cost savings. The system is very simple and clear! We look forward to continued successful cooperation. “

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