Client: Granules, UAB
Type: Manufacturing company

About the client:

In 2009 the company UAB ECSO was founded. Initially, ECSO’s core business was collecting secondary raw materials and preparing them for sorting. The company has been successfully expanding its activities and cooperating with foreign markets, which help the company create economic value – Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Byelorussia and others. Ecso’s greatest asset is its openness to innovation and its efforts to keep up with the latest technology in manufacturing processes. There is also a strong focus on product quality and control.

Pellet Factory has chosen GoRamp’s warehouse yard management solution to involve carriers, suppliers and customers in the most convenient time booking process. This solves the problem of truck congestion in the warehouse. Easy online access allows everyone involved in the supply chain to monitor the actual loading and unloading times in real time. With the help of the tool, all the necessary information about the trucks is collected digitally. The information we collect helps us to see the actual operability of the warehouse and to create efficiency plans.


  • Truck Congestion at warehouse loading points
  • Waiting drivers
  • Limited load capacity
GoRamp Bauroc


  • Centralized information
  • Increased loading capacity by 20%
  • Reduced driver waiting time by up to 40%

Client feedback:

Justė Prunskienė, Business Development Manager:

“We started using the Time Slot Management tool just recently – but we saw the result in the early days. A handy management tool has helped optimize the process and give a clear view of warehouse loading/unloading performance. Digitized by these indicators is particularly important in the development of efficiency plans. We strive to use state-of-the-art technology both in our production and in our day-to-day operations to provide our customers with only quality goods and services. “

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