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Client: Sakret, UAB
Type: Manufacturing company (building materials)

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About the client:

UAB SAKRET Lietuva started its activities in 2006. September 13, 2007 as a multi-purpose importer and distributor of SAKRET building mixes in Lithuania.

Vision is a modern manufacturer and distributor of building mixes, offering a wide range of products and ensuring the highest quality of service and service.

The mission is to offer construction market participants competitive dry and ready-to-use building mixes, prefabricated elements and technologies that allow them to perform a wide range of construction, repair, and renovation tasks.

The laboratories of each factory are equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, successfully used for daily quality control, and employ highly qualified and experienced staff. The products and technologies are constantly tested not only in laboratory, but also in practical working and operating conditions. Quality issues are constantly communicated with construction professionals.


  • Untraceable logistics procurement
  • Heigh freight costs
  • Frequent human errors
GoRamp Bauroc


  • Expanded range of carriers
  • Reduced staff errors
  • Transportation price improved by 10%
  • 70% less operational work
  • Digitized and easily accessible information helps resolve disputes much more efficiently.

The main reason for choosing GoRamp solution:
Full traceability of transport procurement

Client feedback:

Alexander Toropchin, Director, Sakret Lithuania:

“GoRamp System helps me as a company manager to see company results in a convenient and clear way. This helps me develop future strategies and efficiency plans that further optimize our business processes and provide only the highest quality services to our customers. “

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