Client: Schoeller Alliberts(Plastic Packaging Manufacturer)

Location: Germany(Schwerin)

Schoeller Allibert: Eliminated Truck Queues

About the client:

Schoeller Allibert is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of returnable plastic packaging for material handling. The company has been inventing, developing, designing and manufacturing Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) for more than 60 years. Product range consists of packaging specially developed for customers in the automotive, beverage and food industries as well as for retail, industry and the service sector. With its standard ranges, including fordable large and small load carriers, stackable and nestable plastic containers and beverage crates, transport trolleys and pallets, as well as UN-certified buckets, the company supplies customers from all industries.

  • Global Group turnover 2018: > 0.5 Billion €
  • Employees: > 2000
  • Production locations: 13
  • Worldwide presence: 50 countries


  • Truck Congestion at Loading points

  • Waiting Drivers

  • Limited Loading Capacity


  • Unclear Warehouse Performance

  • Limited Loading Capacity

GoRamp Solutions:

GoRamp Bauroc


  • Eliminated Truck Queues
  • Decreased driver waiting time
  • Optimized Processes
  • Increased Warehouse Efficiency

Main reasons for choosing GoRamp solution:

  • Fast & Easy setup
  • Flexible subscription price
  • Communication with with GoRamp sales representatives

Feedback by:

Dirk Rodewald, Schoeller Allibert GmbH Schwerin.

Feedback by:

Dirk Rodewald,
Schoeller Allibert GmbH Schwerin.

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