4 Cloud Solutions Helping in Logistics Management 2020

The corona-virus pandemic caught many of us by surprise and has critically touched many areas of the business. One of the challenges of pandemic become quarantine and the transfer of many employees to remote work. In this format of work, the management of business processes becomes more complicated and there are risks of errors that can directly affect the company’s performance. One of the methods that help to level many of the adverse factors of remote work is cloud solutions (SaaS – Software As A Service).

We have selected for you effective logistics management solutions for remote work, which will allow you to keep abreast, even at critical moments

1. Freight Procurement

An online tool for selecting and purchasing transportation services. You can select a transport partner from any point where there is Internet, with just the click of a button. In addition, at the time of critical stress of the transport network and high price volatility for services, you can avoid over payments by analyzing the offers of various carriers and choosing the best option for yourself. Also, such a solution will optimize your efforts to solve the problem of cargo delivery – increasing the transparency of your purchases and receiving more offers.

2. Order Management & Contro

Manage and track your logistic orders online from anywhere in the world and be sure that your cargo will arrive at the appointed place. You can quickly respond to any changes in the situation without getting up from a chair. Another huge plus of this module is that you do not have to constantly be on the lookout, checking data manually via e-mail or instant messengers spending time on it, which you can spend more fruitfully.

3. Time Slot Management/Dock Scheduling Software

This solution allows you to manage loading and unloading operations at the warehouse, minimizing the risk of viral infections for both warehouse employees and drivers. Warehouse Time Slot Management creates an understandable work schedule for the warehouse and the arrival time of the cargo, eliminating the queues of vehicles to the warehouse and, accordingly, reducing direct communication of a large number of people in one place.

In addition, using Warehouse Time Slot Management you will need fewer staff to maintain normal warehouse operations. Greater efficiency is achieved by a clear and understandable work schedule and full information about the load, trucks, etc. Document flow is also generated by a cloud solution, and you do not need to spend your time on creating transport documents.

4. L
ogistics Analytics

One of the most important modules in the management of logistics processes is Analytics. Obtaining key performance indicators in an understandable way allows you to make decisive decisions to optimize business processes and constantly improve your business productivity. This is very important in a tense situation, similar to which we have now.

The ability to analyze and manage a business, making precise decisions that correct the course of business processes from a distance, helps not only to go through crisis days while minimizing losses, but also can improve your business.

Final Words

At critical moments, the question of increasing business efficiency and maintaining its productivity becomes acute, the use of innovative cloud solutions often becomes simply necessary in order to overcome difficult situations. This is especially true for managing supply chains, while many restrictions appear and traditional travel routes change. Our team does not remain aloof from the events that are taking place, and we all must rally together and supporting each other to survive and continue to move with our heads raised! In this regard, we offer absolutely free use of our products until June 2020.

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