The GoRamp team’s mission is to save you time and turn logistics operations in the company into consistent, automated processes that require as little manual work as possible.

Our customers’ evaluations are critical to our team; therefore, we tried to consolidate the success stories and, at the same time, measure the clear results achieved by our customers using our tools. Interestingly, we have recorded approximately 90 % positive results. Customers who use the TMS module and similarly those who use the Time Slots module report financial savings of up to 30 %, while time savings average 25-50%. Also, most of our Customers recognize that saving human resources time often reduces logistics costs directly. Therefore, our daily work is focused on maximizing time savings in the logistics chain and we believe that our newly developed functionality will lead our customers to even more significant time and money savings.

We are announcing this new functionality that will allow our customers to manage the entire logistics process in one place and use both of our modules (TMS and Time Slots) as one tool.

We believe the combined product will give you the following values:

Cost savings

Reduced human error in creating loading and unloading times. All information is provided directly from the order!

Eliminate queues at the warehouse. Communicate conveniently about each order with both the warehouse and the carriers. Implement agreements by seeing the overall scope of work and arrangements.

• Execute delivery punctuality agreements to avoid penalties for late delivery of cargo

Time savings

No need to manually transfer information to a warehouse, logistics manager, or carrier. All three parties will use one source of information!

All documents related to the logistics chain are in one place! You will be able to share them both internally and externally.

• Past, present, and future loading and unloading in one place. See the overall load and make strategic decisions.

Strengthen the quality of your service:

Improved supply chain KPIs. Reduced time and human resources will allow you to do everything in one place and see the work result in real-time.

High-quality service for your customers. They will be able to access orders and their transportation status without your additional manual work.

Improve your organization’s performance through efficient planning and use of resources

• Increase service quality and customer satisfaction through more accurate progress communication

We are inviting you to try our logistics tool for free. Book a demo, and our logistics experts will onboard Your team less in than one day!