How to increase the efficiency of your Logistics Manager?

How to increase the efficiency of your Logistics Manager?

New features:

  • Communication with carrier when order is in History – from now on you can reach out with your carriers to ask for additional documents or invoice even when the order is in history. Both shipper and carrier will be informed about new messages and documents attached both by email notification and in system “badge” that there are new unseen messages in history.
  • Time zones implementation in Timeslots module – from now on, shipper can set a Timezones in which their warehouses are operating, thus the carrier when booking an appointment will be informed about the current time in the warehouse – working hours, restriction and disabled periods will work accordingly.
  • Dealer/Approver improvements in TMS – from now on, when carrier bids a price and proposes loading and unloading date and time, the logistics manager at shipper’s may ask dealer/approver to approve both price and dates. In this way approver will receive the email notification with a link to the exact order and will be informed in the system that there is order with proposed price and dates to be approved


  • Timeslots integration with gates – from now on Timeslots can be easily integrated with warehouse gates for easier and automated control. When license plate of the entering vehicle will be read, the system will check if there is a reservation created and either will open the gates or not – manual gate control is no longer needed! The documentation of how to build the integrations can be found here with your personal credentials
  • Notifications and change log updates in case a reservation with order reference is created, updated or deleted – from now on users, which have both TMS and Timeslots modules activated, will be proactively informed when the date and time of reservation to their order is created, updated or deleted by either carrier or shipper.

One more step further towards centralizing information flow in the whole supply chain!

  • Email notifications in Timeslots when new reservation is created, reservation is updated or deleted – from now on you may subscribe for email notifications in order to be informed every time there is any change in your dock scheduling system.

Bug fixes and small improvements:

• Default email notifications for new users in GoRamp:

-If user is carrier and is invited from TMS – user will get all notifications about orders;
-If user is carrier and is invited from Timeslots – user will get notifications about reservations;
-If user is shipper and is registered to TMS – user will get all notifications about orders;
-If user is shipper and is registered to Timeslots – user will get all notifications about reservations.

• Custom fields error in Timeslots solved – editing and deleting information in custom fields where not working.

• Payer information editing in order solved – it was not able for editing when order is active.

• In email for dealer to approve new order wrong price and comments were shown; unloading address did not show the full address line – solved.

• Transport company information were not being filled automatically – now, when making a reservation as a carrier from TMS carrier company name is being filled automatically.

• Some orders were not being being transferred to history automatically after status changed to Loaded/Unloaded – solved.

• In emails about new reservation or updated/deleted reservation the link will now direct to the exact warehouse.

• For reservations in Timeslots, which have order reference to TMS, status changes where not synced with a status of the exact order in TMS – solved.

• When editing active order, address line was being deleted and sync with Timeslots reservation would be lost – solved.