How to increase the efficiency of your Logistics Manager?

How to increase the efficiency of your Logistics Manager?

June has been a busy month for GoRamp. We’ve been working on a few new additions to the functionality of our system and also managed to catch–up on a lot of new bugs & fixes. Here are all of the latest updates and additions:

NEW: New, updated and canceled order emails to followers

From now on emails are being sent to both, registered and unregistered follower users and shipper is being informed about the risk of exposing information to 3rd parties. Email for registered follower users is being sent in user language; email for unregistered users – in EN, LT, RU and PL. Follower users will receive emails about new, updated and canceled orders with the following information:

  • Sender: Use loading destination company
  • Loading destination: full address line
  • Consignee: use unloading destination company
  • Unloading destination: full address line
  • Loading date: YYYY-MM-DD
  • Unloading date: YYYY-MM-DD
  • Cargo quantity/weight: use fields wegith, pcs. no., LDM, CBM
  • License plate no.
  • Driver
  • Tel. no.

UPDATED: New account type – from now on, when registering to, users can select their company type as a supplier.

File preview for documents in the order – from now on you can easily review your CMR’s or invoices attached as image or .pdf files without downloading those to your computer – easy way to check documents before sharing them.

UPDATED: Emails informing about new, confirmed, updated and other events in orders are now being sent with a direct link to specific order – easier way to manage notifications.

NEW: Recurring bookings in Timeslots – from now on when creating new reservation in the warehouse you can set it as recurring every day or weekly on specific dates; in addition, you can set a start and end date for recurrence to finish. It will look like this:

UPDATED: Orders in history are now locked for editing for both shipper and carrier – when order is set to loaded/unloaded a 12-hour counter starts: if order status is being change within those 12 hours – order stays in active orders table; if status is not changed order goes to history after 12 hours.

NEW: Email notifications as of warehouse assigned – from now on users will receive emails about new, updated and deleted reservations only from those warehouses where user has an access.

UPDATED: In carrier offers users will see offered loading and unloading dates; also a form of offer and assignation is changed for easier, more intuitive usage:

NEW: New column to filter orders in customer queries and active orders tables. From now on you can filter your order by dealer user assigned.

UPDATED: When importing orders from file you can now add both transport type and order type. With this improvement we provide a table of all available transportation types and relative “number” to put on import file; for the cargo type use 1 for “Full” and 2 for Partial orders.

UPDATED: After orders are imported you can select the ones you want to edit and put the information in bulk.

UPDATED: Disabled periods can now be excluded from working time. From now on you can decide if disabled periods at Timeslots should be included in your working time during the day or not. Statistics in the reporting will be calculated accordingly:

Other small improvement and fixes:

  • Timeslots and TMS performance improved – TMS will work more stable and efficient, Timeslots for users with big number of ramps and reservations will load information faster.

  • Completed orders were not shown in history for carrier users – SOLVED
  • When new order was created from template where carrier companies which no longer had relation with shipper were included, unwanted carrier companies were shown in an order after auction was finished or contracted order was finished – SOLVED
  • CMR generating improvements – CMR now generates faster. In addition, issue about not including company name in file is now SOLVED
  • When carrier entered shippers virtual manufacturing facilities via link and there were no warehouses where reservations without registration were allowed, carrier were seeing a message “not found” in list of warehouses. From now on carrier will be informed to register or login in these situations.
  • When in customer queries or contracted orders messages for carriers were not shown in some situations – SOLVED
  • Order duplicating was not working in cases where dealer was added to the order – SOLVED
  • In some cases, orders import from file was not working – SOLVED
  • In some cases, occupied slots where not visible for carriers when making new bookings – SOLVED
  • For mobile user settings menu is no longer available – it is available on desktop version only
  • For new users with default role Admin warehouses were not accessible – SOLVED
  • Emails for registered and unregistered users as followers are now being sent correctly
  • When order is imported from file and unlimited time for offers was selected it was treated as 24 hours limit – SOLVED
  • When order is imported from file and user is searching for carrier or carrier user to add a list was not filtering as of typing automatically – SOLVED
  • In Timeslots list view some reservations were not opening or loading very long – SOLVED
  • From some users’ invitation was not being sent – SOLVED
  • New registered user after confirmation of registration was being forwarded to error window – SOLVED
  • Carrier user when entered Timeslots, selected warehouse and other settings, and pressed refresh, was losing their selected filters – SOLVED
  • In some cases, icon representing new messages in orders table was not indicated unread messages – SOLVED
  • For shipper users with an access to all or own orders carrier information is now available for editing
  • Warehouse settings modal will appear right after login. From now on if you enter warehouse via link and login after the system will ask you to choose warehouse parameters immediately. This will help to avoid incorrect bookings
  • Carriers will be able to edit or cancel all reservations that was made within their account/company. From now on, carrier users can share their work within their team – in case you have a day off or just need help, your colleague with the same level carrier account from your organization will be able to work with your bookings at GoRamp.
  • UI was broken while using 2FA authorization – SOLVED
  • New registered carrier users in case it was new carrier company as well were being assigned with incorrect role – SOLVED
  • When edited draft shipper users were not able to add new carriers or carriers managers to the draft order – SOLVED
  • When working hours in the ramp were from 00:00 to 24:00 and reservation started one day and finished another it was represented incorrectly – SOLVED