How to increase the efficiency of your Logistics Manager?

How to increase the efficiency of your Logistics Manager?

GoRamp has advanced with more than a few additional features in May. Here is everything you need to know about the latest updates and additions.

NEW: Roles and permissions

From now on you have a possibility to control the access level for each of your GoRamp users within your organization. This will allow you to:

  • Manage permissions and assign them to specific users
  • Assign roles when inviting new users to join your organization
  • Manage who can access and edit orders in TMS
  • Manage who can access, create, edit reservations or only change statuses of reservations in Timeslots
  • Assign users to specific warehouses


Roles and permissions

NEW: Timeslots reports where upgraded

From now on you will be able to see more valuable information when analyzing your warehouse processes:

  • Warehouse and ramp occupancy functionality – a new sheet in report is created to show available, planned and used working/loading time.
  • To make it easier to analyze if your team is working effectively – now you can compare planned and actual loading time for each reservation in Transport arrival sheet.
  • New status option for reservations – Suspended – from now on you can track when the loading/unloading was suspended due to some issues in the warehouse. You will also be able to track how much time the specific loading/unloading was suspended.
  • An easier way to track statuses of all reservations at a glance – each time you generate a report additional column will show the status of each reservation at a time of report generation.
  • Tracking changes of statuses for each reservation – from now on you will see the exact date and time of the change of the status per reservation and the user who did the change.

UPDATED: When a user enters Timeslots via warehouse link, the relation with warehouse owner will be created automatically – from now on after a warehouse is entered via a link, both the carrier and the shipper will be able to see relevant companies on their companies list. In addition, when a registered carrier comes back to Timeslots they will be able to find a shipper on their clients list.

NEW: Timeslots users now can easily switch off warehouse selection modal – from now on if you want to change the language before login or just do not want to change any warehouse parameters or the client, you can just go back working by clicking anywhere on the screen, the table will switch off.

Other small improvement and fixes:

  • Registered or not-registered carrier user cannot edit reservation which is created less than X hours to current time in in case they are in different time zone than Vilnius – SOLVED.
  • Horizontal scroll bar is always fixed for better user experience – in order to faster check the data which is not visible in smaller screen you can now scroll fast as the scroll bar is always visible.
  • Active orders, customer queries, public market and contracted orders badges with new and in total orders calculation will update automatically every time new request appears or ongoing query is being approved and/or assigned to carrier.
  • In mobile order statuses were not being showed in the main screen – SOLVED.
  • Max minutes before create or edit reservation was not working correctly in case of edit – SOLVED.
  • In emails about new, updated or deleted reservation Order number field will be used – from now on, the system will take information from the field which has any information in it – either Order ID from TMS or your custom order number put in the field Order number; if both fields are filled information from both will be shown.
  • When order has a reservation made via Timeslots for loading and unloading date and time and is completed both loading and unloading planned dates and times will be represented in history as well.
  • When language is set to your local one and TMS table columns are edited, language is resetting to EN – SOLVED.
  • Email about orders when user has not yet completed the registration – from now on user will only receive emails from GoRamp after the registration is fully completed (except for the emails regarding the registration itself)
  • When registering as a new user and/or company, account type will be a mandatory parameter to select
  • API validation errors – SOLVED.
  • Improved TMS in-system notifications – exclamation mark – in case reservation is created using Timeslots.
  • When new message appears, the Messages icon was not turning red – SOLVED.
  • When reservation linked with order in TMS is being deleted date and time in TMS were not being updated – SOLVED.
  • Company field auto filling in TMS when warehouse is selected instead of address.
  • When order has loading or unloading date and time planned using Timeslots integration and the order is completed carrier will not be able to edit the reservation date and time neither via TMS, nor via Timeslots.
  • Order ID column is included in Customer queries and Contracted orders tabs for easier search and filtering.